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Go to Settings=>Apps=>All=>Find and open camera from the app list=> touch Clear Cache. Done!

Please report back using the comment button below.
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Hey Yonela -

  1. Either it is just the Shortcut that disappeared - in which case you can click on the ::: and look up Camera from the apps list there. If you find it, press and hold it and it will auto copy to you home screen and let you drop it there again.
  2. Or the firmware got corrupted. This could likely be the case as we have now received several camera error reports concerning the AG Chrome Ultra. If this is the case, you can follow the answer here for a walk around. Let us know should you require further help.
My camera is not even showing wen you go to setting if you go in by apps it don't show
by Genius (55,165,340 points)
In that case' i suggest you download another camera app from the app store, see if ti works and let us know.

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