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Hi, Shameem - First note down any Wireless Network Passwords and DSN Settings and the:

1. Launch Settings and go to General
2. Scroll to and tap Reset > and then tap Reset Network Settings
3. Go to Settings again and check if the "Personal Hotspot missing" be not fixed.
1. Launch Settings and head to General > to Cellular (or Network)
2. Scroll to Personal Hotspot (Set Up Personal Hotspot)
3. Do try and retry reactivating it there and try checking it it is fixed again.


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hi thanx for the reply but method 1 and 2 dnt work i cant see the personal hotspot the option is not their and when i updated to 8.0.2 it appeared and disappeared after a few sec
by Genius (34,234,940 points)
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Sorry for the delayed reply - I have sadly missed on checking my emails. Look for and remove the app called ONAVO if you have it installed by any chance.

Also try:

1) Setting > General > Networks > if u seen hotspot option turn it on (if not)
2) Setting > General > Network > Cellular data network > (scroldown) Internet tethering  
   > enter  APN (if this does not work)
3) Setting > General > Network > Cellular data network>(scroldown)internet tethering > Reset Settings.(then enter APN )

If problem still persist, then try and Hard reset the iPad and retry the above.

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