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  1. I need help i did a software update and my tablet got stuck on optimizing software Vodafone Smart Tab 3G
  2. Hi got the same problem stuck on optimizing screen 1 of 46 updates 2 days now tried resetting and reboot nothing work please help
  3. So I installed the new software update but then it didn't want to pass 2 of 47 , so I did what you told , wipe and factory reset but now its just loading a new android logo , doesn't go further than that.... please help
  4. Android is upgrading 1 of 47 not passing this stage any help please
  5. Android is upgrading 1 of 47 not passing this stage
  6. Hi I am facing firm ware troubles on my Vodafone Smart tab 3g

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To correct this firmware jam issue, owners of the Vodafone Smart Tab 3G will likely have to reload their stock ROMs or firmware afrees. If you are will to do this your self, you can start here How to flash the Vodacom Smart Tab 3G - otherwise, we are here to offer quick and free pointers you may need as you get on. For those who are willing to offer a small donation for a step-by-step walk through over our Live Chat, let us know http://software.satechhelp.co.za/contact-us-2/ - Please note that you will need to have access to a computer to be able to accomplish this.

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