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1. Download Phoenix Service Software - install onto your computer http://infolane.blogspot.com/2012/06/phoenix-nokia-flashing-service-software.html
2. Download Nokia PC Suite - install it onto your computer (unless already installed) http://www.softpedia.com/get/Mobile-Phone-Tools/Nokia/Nokia-PC-Suite.shtml
3. Download Nokia C1-01 flash files (RM-607) http://www.mediafire.com/download/hydaaopb1b4bwzm/C1-01.zip
4. Copy the "RM-607" and paste it on within the following folder (unzip it first)

 Start> Computer> Local Disk (C:)> Programs and Files> Nokia> Phoenix> Products

5. Run Phoenix
6. Click on the "File" tab located on the top right of the phoenix Software interface menu
7. Click "Open Product"
8. On the list that pops open Scroll down and select "RM-607     Nokia RM-607" and click "OK"
9. Now click on the "Flashing" tab located fourth from the top right of the phoenix Software interface menu.
10. Click on "Firmware Update"
11. Click on the [...] button
12. One click on the text that appears under "Product Code" and "Discription"...
13. Select or check "Dead phone USB flashing
14. Click on "Refurbish"

The files should load up to phoniex and you should be given instructions to:

1. Disconnect USB cable ...
2. Remove batt...
3. Connect...
4. Insert...
5. Press...
6. Press Ok
Follow these instructions carefully

NB: step number 6. does not mean that you should power the phone up - only to press it as you would do when with the receiving button when receiving a phone call for example. You do that and quickly click "Ok" on the computer screen.

If followed correctly you should see progres on the small window that has the [...] button on it (if not done right you will be given a chance to start again with the "1. Disconnect.... steps"

When done right, all you do from there is to leave it alone (should take 10-15 minutes to complete the flashing processes). The phone will display TEST MODE and shortly after that restart and it it Done!

On the other-hand get an error saying that certain  files from the "RM-607" folder placed in "...Local Disk (C:)> Programs and Files> Nokia> Phoenix> Products" could not be opened

1. With this you will have to open that "RM-607" folder from "...Local Disk (C:)> Programs and Files> Nokia> Phoenix> Products> RM-607" and rename each file that could not be opened to match the name displayed on the phonix errow window that came up and retry pressing "Refurbish"

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The above is a knowledge-based article and thus you should simply follow its prompts as is. The article discusses how you can flash a Nokia C1-01 using the Phoenix Service Software to correct firmware issues or reset forgotten lock codes.

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