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This is a Admin tutorial post on flashing the AG Chrome Go-Tab 7.0 tablet by AG Mobile. The complete tutorial is on the answer section below.
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Follow the foregoing step to get by the firmware updating or flashing process.

  1. First download and extract the following: SP Flash Tool and the AG Chrome Go-Tab [ROM Download] pack from here.
  2. Install the MediaTek drivers as per the tutorial here
  3. Launch the SP Tool from the extracted folder by double clicking 'Flash_tool.exe
  4. Click on the Download tab
  5. Click 'Scatter-Loading' > browse to and locate the scatter file from your extracted firmware files
  6. Make sure 'Preloader' is unchecked (NOT checked).
  7. Then click on the Download button with a green arrow on top
  8. Connect the AG Chrome Go-Tab to the computer via USB while pressing the Volume Down (or Up) key so the computer can detect and connect to its system
  9. The flashing process should start with a red/purple/yellow progress bars and you should get a green cycle with a white tick and the text 'Download OK' when the flashing is completed. At which stage you can safely disconnect the table and power it on for a re-setup.
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I have tried the above steps on my AG Chrome Go Tab 7.0 but it takes forever; no download is happening. Do I have to keep waiting or am missing something?
I have however downloaded the drivers as well.
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The tab may not be detectable I suppose - well, a Live Chat walk through is available here http://software.satechhelp.co.za/ for a small donation.
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HI, by pressing volume and power button. I somehow managed to download but only getting stuck on a "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded" dialogue box, what is that all about and how should i go about it?
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OK - That means you need to start off by formatting the tab prior to flashing/downloading the firmware. There is a format tab next to the download. Do you have a working Whatsapp number?
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Hi, there, I finally managed to sort out the phone through your instructions :)
I think you deserve a hug honestly....and you know what, the phone looks better than it originally was before.
However, there are other steps that need to be followed besides what you summarized above.
If there is anyone facing similar problems, I will be available to assist too.
Meanwhile, am too anxious to try out my new looking phone!!!

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I am very glad. We will be sure to email you when we have a user with a firmware flashing/download need for the Go-Tab :)
need firmware
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Hi Kervin, I experience the same problem "PMT changed for the ROM" can you please help with way forward.
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That means you must format first. Format tab > Auto format flash > Format flash (except bootloader) > Start > Connect the tab ... Then after the format, retry the flashing as per the above steps.
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Kervin , thank you brother .............my tab is now functioning again

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