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For some time now, accessing Whatsapp on a Windows computer required an Android emulator like the well know BlueStack - the draw back is that these tended to slow down the overall speed. With the newly introduced Whatsapp for web, you can now run the Whatsapp Messenger from most Windows browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows (with the exception of IE). Do the following to achieve that.

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  1. Visit https://web.whatsapp.com/ from any of the above listed browser
  2. Then Open the Whatsapp app from your mobile phone - generally, it should be Menu > Whatsapp Web
  3. A QR code scanner will appear on the screen using the camera app (with a short demo and the text I GOT IT - click that)  - all you are to do essentially is to aim for the QR cod appearing on the computer screen and ensure in is fitted in the camera box on you phone screen.
  4. Keep the QR code there for few seconds for the green laser to scan it - you will get a refreshing gesture on the computer screen when the scanning is completed. You will then be good to go.


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