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How to hard reset the SANSUI Lifepad ETab 704?

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The system hangs right on the "android" screen and will not go any further - how do I enter the Android system recovery mode so I can hard reset it?

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Hey, The Following Worked for me.

  1. Press and hold both Vol Up + the Power button for 5-10 seconds and then release them both. The tab should display the SANSUI logo.
  2. At the logo screen - quickly short press the Vol down button and the Android guy lying on his back with his bowels opened should display.
  3. Short Press Vol Up/Down for the Android system recovery menu to appear.
  4. From here you can "Wipe data/factory reset"

Tip: Use Vol Up and Down button to navigate and highlight - and short press the Power button to select/confirm highlighted options. After all that, your Etab 704 should then be reset to its factory defaults.

Hi I'm matthew I tried that with the volume button and the power button but the my tab doesn't go on.. What else should I try?
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Try pressing both volume buttons

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