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If you have run in to a firmware issue where your Vodacom (or Vodafone) Smart Tab 3G gets stuck on the 'powered by Android ' screen or if a software update did not not complete properly, then it will normally be needful that its firmware or stock ROM be flashed in afresh using the Smart Phone Flash Tool. You will need access to a computer, internet connection (either from the same computer or from a smartphone as there are a few software and files downloads to be made), a USB cable, and data bundles

can i flash it without a computer using custom recovery?

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Do the following to prepare for and flash the Vodafone Smart Tab 3G

  1. First download and install/extract the following: SP Flash Tool, USB Drivers and you need to verify your PID if you are outside South Africa - Go here [ROM Download] for the ROM.
  2. Install the MediaTek drivers as per the tutorial here
  3. Launch the SP Tool from the extracted folder
  4. Click on the Download tab
  5. Click 'Scatter-Loading' > browse to and locate the scatter file from your extracted firmware files
  6. From the SP Tool loaded files, untick the 'Preloader'
  7. Then click on the Download/Start button
  8. Connect the Vodacom Smart Tab 3G to the computer via USB while pressing the Volume Down (or Up) key so the computer can detect and connect to its system
  9. The flashing process should start with a yellow progress bars and you should get a green cycle with a white tick and the text 'Download OK' when the flashing is completed. At which stage you can safely disconnect the table and power it on for a re-setup.

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R150 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Read more here

by Genius (34,235,140 points)
Yes the scatter is inside the  ROM folder
asked Mar 8, 2017 in Phones and Tablets by Thaddeaus google account reset on vfd1100
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Hi - I know this is quite an old thread and I've done this sort of thing manually before but thought this would be quicker. However, with the drivers installed etc, I followed the steps and when I start it up whilst holding the volume key, it comes up asking if I'd like to boot into recovery, fastboot or normal.

In recovery, it does not detect on my PC (which I didnt expect, since no USB debugging is enabled on it). If I choose Fastboot, it detects and I've installed the driver. But still the software just sits there when I've clicked Download and looks like nothing is happening.
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Thanks a lot Kevin, even though I had to retrieve a scatter file form somewhere, this tutorial helped me a phone is working and that's all thanks to you
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how did find the scatter file i need it

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