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Vodafone Smart Tab firmware

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I bought a Vodafone Smart Tab 3G recently, it requested a firmware update….. But then I did something stupid, I needed my memory card and didn’t know that I shouldn’t remove the card during firmware download. My tablet still works perfectly, however, I cant get it to find the firmware update again… It is stuck on the old version. I have tried to hard reset it too. No difference to the firmware update. It wont find an update now. Please can you send me the latest firmware update for this model pretty please.

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Hey Wynand, below is a course you are to take:

  1. Try the One Touch Upgrade Tool here http://alcatelonetouch.com/global-en/downloads/global-en/OT-918/otu/one-touch-upgrade-s-2-8-0-setup.exe
  2. If you get a message that says you have the latest version, then you might have to flash the firmware pack here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/6361/Flash-Vodacom-Smart-Tab-3g
  3. And then run the Upgrade Tool again and observe
  4. No the firmware pack on the given link it not the most recent version.
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