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Hi  SuperUser,

Thanks for your quick response. I haven't yet used the Hard Reset Method as i still have some questions for you. The following paragraph below describes clearly what happens when i switch on my Telefunken TELC-73GIQ:

"When i switch on the tablet the Android OS loads but takes time to respond once loaded the following popup message appears  unfortunately sprd launcher has stopped or unfortunately, the process.com.android.systemui has stopped.  When i press ok it takes time to respond, then it displays another popup message process system isn`t responding. Whether i press wait or ok, the menu takes time to respond and  when menu appears it switches off/Restarts."

My Questions:

  1. Should i proceed with the Hard Reset Method.
  2. If the the Hard Reset Method succeeds how do i perform a firmware backup.
  3. If the firmware is totally corrupt. Where do i get the firmware for my tablet. If there is a reliable website please let me know.
  4. How do i restore the firmware should there arise the need to a fresh firmware. What are the tools and how to procedures.

Your assistance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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Hello' Clement

It seems like your launcher is failing to load , I once expirienced this problem after rooting my verssed teblet and it was  fixed by downloading a launcher.

I wil post the instructions on how to install the "launcher"

by (Genius) (21.7m points)
Follow the instructions on this link http://www.satechhelp.co.za/4167/Root-Verssed-Motion-E1-1?show=4169#a4169 to connect your tablet with a computer (from step 1 to step 5' do not got to step 6).
Let me know when you are done.
by (Genius) (21.7m points)
Using your computer, go here http://www.appsapk.com/android/launchers/ choose a launcher and download it' with the mobilego app installed to your computer you can install the launcher to your phone using a computer. Please let me know if you will need further assistance on this.

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