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Purchased AG Sting at PEP Store Res Hills Durban about 2 weeks ago
The default date in start up is is still 01.01.2014 and displays the incorrect time
User guide supplied - does now show to do this in the settings menu

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by Genius (34,144,140 points)
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Hey KKD - see Date/Time ing the following way

1. Press Menu > select Settings > select Phone Settings > select Set home city (and ensure your nearest city name is set)
2. The go back and select either Set date and format or Set time and format
3. Scroll down one step with the down (error) navigational key and then adjust each time/date value accordingly.
by Genius (51,746,860 points)
Hey - I have forwarded a  request by fax for a more clearer tutorial from AG if the included manual tutorial cannot be of any help. This may be delay slightly.
by Genius (51,746,860 points)
You can alternatively contact AG Cellular's Customer Service directly at 086 124 3333 for a more speedy assistance.

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