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Need a software update for the Vodafone VF685 where can I get the correct site to do this. Thank you

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Hey Ricky. Sorry for the dalayed reply. Download and run any backup application (like App backup or MyBackup) to back up your apps and data prior to the update is case it gets disturbed.

NB: Do make sure you have good Signal and over 200MB at your disposal.


1. Launch the Settings app
2. Scroll to "About Phone"
3. Tap "Softwate Update"
4. Tap Update and accept any warning...

Kindly comment below for any further desired assistance on this.
commented by Genius (34,113,740 points)
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Only do note that you will only be able to get by with this if Vodafone has officially rolled out any update for the VF device model. Otherwise, you may want to toy with custom ROMs (which thing is not advisable for ordinary device users are it entails a risk of bricking devices)

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