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How to fix 'Launcher 3 has stopped working' on an Android tablet

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If you are awed by the 'Launcher 3 has stopped working' on your Android tablet, then in the answer section below are steps you can take toward attempting to correct the condition.

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  1. First Download the Go Launcher .apk file from  another phone/tablet (or computer). Copy the launcher to an SD card,
  2. Get to the Launcher 3 error screen. Do not click OK but leave it alone. Then place your finger by the top right corner of the screen and swipe to the bottom. A menu with 'Settings' amongst other options should come up.
  3. Insert the SD card to the phone to be serviced and power it up (turn it on)
  4. And then navigate to Settings > Apps > All apps tab > open File Manager (touch launch) and browse through to the 'Go Launcher' .apk file and tap to install it. It may be necessary to restart the table afterwards.
  5. If all fails, then you can reflash the tablet's firmware as per the tutorial here
hi I have installed AWD and its working now but if I uninstall it I get the error again... im not getting the option t uninstall launcher 3.
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Yes you do not have to uninstall it again. It will be you launcher until further notice. Do you get a 'Disable' option maybe? You may need to be rooted to be able to remove it. When you look under Settings > About tablet > Model >... do yo see Motion 11 or something else.
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What is the AWD? I want to try it
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
It is a Launcher as well

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