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Dissassemble the Lenovo S6000L-F Tablet in the following way

1. Turn the Tablet upside-down and (withe a sharp a need) pry the two black speaker metal plates out.
2. Remove each one of the screws you see under each...
3. Then from the opposite (of the speakers) and longer edge of the Tablet, using a prying tool, separate the back cover from the face cover
4. With the back cover removed, use the prying tool or a flat screw driver to pry of the two speakers (held down by adhesives) and leave them loose
5. Remove all four visible silver screws around the battery pack, the grey-clothy adhesive on the opposite to the battery plug and lastly the battery plug off its socket buy pushing the white part away from the black socket (push each side of the white plug an inch or so at a time using a flat screw driver) - the gently take out the battery pack
7. Proceed to remove all the black screws on the main PCB (Printed Circuit Board) - then  remove the copper/bronze tape joining the main PCB with the smaller one by the battery-bay.
8. Remove each on the three ribbons linking the main PCB with .... (be careful as they locked in place in different ways)
9. Now gently take up the main PCB from between the speakers side...

How you proceed from here will depend on what part you mean to service...

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Knowledge-based post - simply follow it steps to accomplish what is implied by the title.

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