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This feature is a very secure security setting called ANTI-THEFT MOBILE which enables the owner to secure his handset and delete any info on the handset remotely should it be stolen or be misplaced.

The most common error is forgotten passwords that were chosen, this is however fixable.

There are 2 options available to fix this.

Option 1 - Self Fix:

So the feature that is keeping you out of your phone is the Anti-Theft Mobile application (prompting you for a privacy password of 6-8 digits)

In the beginning if you activated this function in security settings, it would of first asked you to enter a password of 6-8 numbers, then repeat the password for confirmation, the next step would be to allocate one or two emergency no's.

If you have recently removed your battery or simcard, your phone would of automatically trigger the Anti-theft mode thus securing your device with the privacy protection password, so please follow one the below steps to unlock your ZTE Maxx.

  1. Get hold of one of the emergency contact no's phone if possible
  2. Ensure your original simcard is in your Maxx and the phone is switched on
  3. From your emergency contacts phone send yourself (i.e the phone no of the original sim in the Maxx) a sms with the following text:  #‎mima#
  4. If you have sent the sms from the correct emergency contact no, they will get a automated message back from your phone (most probably with some Chinese writing). This message will have a new password for you (containing 8 digits). This password will unlock your phone.
  5. Go to settings, security settings, Anti-theft mobile and deactivate this Android function if you do not want to use the application.

Method 2 (Workshop Fix):

Please contact Support Cellular on 011 466 6803, they have a dedicated workshop fix (software update) to

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Please first try these instructions on the answer here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/6970/Forgot-Privacy-Protection-Password?show=6971#a6971 to recover your forgotten PPP. If not success please return the phone back to the store for service. Please note you will be charged service since phone warrant does not cover user's faults.
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