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Are there any compatible Android ROMs for a Sinotec X1010 tablet I can try out? The stock ROM performs really sluggish after a while with minimal amount of Apps on. Did a factory reset multiple times on the tablet, but becomes sluggish again after a while.

Any suggestions, or even maybe revert back to a previous less memory-consumption Android stock ROM?

Haven't found any solutions on Google thus far. Will really appreciate the help.
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Hi. There is neither  a stock nor a custom ROM/firmware currently posted online sadly. No custom ROM means none has taken it upon himself to port one for/under the X1010 model name. No stock ROM means Sinotec is either indifferent on making it/updates available or they are concealing it on purpose. You may however be able to still avail a compatible generic ROM/firmware (stock or custom) with the use of the X1010's board ID and CPU type. If you are rooted, you should be able to pull out these pieces of info using a dedicated app. Otherwise, you may have to take off the tablet's back cover. Sonotec out-sources models that are also sold to other who the rebrand them under model numbers of their choice, different from those of Sinotect (Sinoprima). Making the use of names of the hardware makup (CPU & Board ID) rather that the device's model name a more effective approach. The CPU type it normally listed under Settings > About tablet > Processor type > ...
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Thanks for the reply so far. Haven't rooted the device to get the info as you suggested yet, but have the following info from the tablet's spec sheets and from "about tablet".
CPU: Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 1.4GHz
Kernel: 3.0.36+
Baseband: MX7502_ST40001.1.2_ST4MU11
Build num: ZA.Sinoprima.x1010.v1.07
Any of this info suffice to determine a suitable ROM?
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The provided info may be of help. We mean to look into this further and comment back.
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I also googled for "MX7502_ST40001.1.2_ST4MU11 compatible Android ROM" which returned a shocking total of 2 Google hits in unknown language. And also tried "Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 compatible ROM".... but none of the links really look like, "Ok cool, this will work!". So I'm really hesitant to follow my own head. Trusting and hoping that you have better luck helping?
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Understood. Can you try the 'Droid Hardware Info' app and see if the board ID does not come app. Other two are Andrioid System Info and System Info for Droid
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Sorry for taking so long with a reply. Installed the apps like you suggested and "think" I have the board ID... rk30sdk or RK30board. The manufacturer was also specified as "Rockchip". After Googling, I presumed it must be short for RK3066. Also, the most hits I got for a custom ROM for RK3066 was CWM, although, even that is supposedly a bit buggy according to this (http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/rk3066-devices/7295-cyanogen10-android-4-2-2-rom-for-rk3066-devices-1-sep-2013). What do you think?
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Busy with some digging using the supplied info and will advise in depth. So far, I have confirmed that RK3066 is CPU/processor (SoC).
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