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A Premio P700 I bought from PMB Scottvill at Ackarmens
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Hi. Let us know what issues you have run into and we will try and assist further. Otherwise, depending or the age of the tablet, you may still be under warranty and able to return it for a replacement.
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If you post this issue on hellowpeter.com they will most likely call you back and address th issue promptly.
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Hallo sir    can you please make me understand why your dealer Ackemans doent care about  my complains as a customer ? like I returned the phone P700  back it liek 3 weeks now but Im steal dont have nothing to use as a phone and Im doing a standby on my duties at work  so I wish you can make understand   what is happening and how can I leave with this cos I payed my money and is like no one care about this  can someone help me here please   (SLIE BUSANE  ID 7606056085084) I am working at umgeni water   and Iam very cross about you guys and your phone.
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why your ackermans doesnt care  or is you guys that controls everything? so why you make me /us  pay for the thing that doesnt work?  or it a business?
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can I get my money please!
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