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The Android OS makes getting smart tasks done easier and has also tranformed the world of fun games (I by no means endorse all games out there). With at atleast a minimum of 7" of an Android powered screen sized device, the experince gets evev more enhanced. But with a huge supply of 7" tablet offered at R1000 and under, it may be hard to know how to make a good choice if you do not know the credibility of each model and brand. Below is a list of R1000 and under Android tablet from the best to the least value for monelybas per the judgemet of the co-founder of this website.

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This list is based mainly on the reviews we have received on this site either directly or impliedly. All the tablet below features voice calls, 3G, WIFi and basic  Cameara. Yes we mean to keep the list current :)

  1. Vodafone/Vodacom Smart Tab 3G
  2. Netsurfer Sharp
  3. AG Go-Tab Access
  4. Verssed Motion E1.1 (We received a few software complains onsite)
  5. AG Chrome Go-Tab (We received a few hardware and software related complains onsite)
  6. Verssed Motion E1
  7. Mobicel Cherry (We received a few hardware related complains onsite)
  8. Premio P700 (We received a hardware and software few complains onsite)

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