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What can i do because when i switch on my AG Chrome Swift Plus it writes Factory Mode and doesnt show anythng

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Hey Joel. This must sadly be a hardware related issue. Factory mode is normally entered into by holding Vol- and the Power key while an Android powered device is off. If you AG Chrome Swift Plus defaults (boot into by default) into this mode (Factory mode), then it must sadly be that then Vol- key is either sticky or shorted. If powering the Swift Plus while holding Vol+ does not get it to boot into Normal mode or Recovery mode, then you will need to take it to one of your local phone repairs shops.

Otherwise, you can try to reload the device's stock ROM or firmware from here: http://roms.satechhelp.co.za/product/ag-swift-plus-stock-firmwarerom/
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While the phone is off.
1. Press and hold volume down plus the  power key.
2. Release the power button when ag logo is shown.
3. Release the the volume down button when you are in factory mode.
5. Use the volume down to scroll and the volume up to select.
6. Scroll down to "wipe data factory reset"
7. Scroll down to "yes delete all user data".
8. Scroll to "Reboot".
9. Done.
CommeComment below if further assistance.
asked Mar 24, 2016 in AG Chrome Swift Plus by Joey Volume button not working

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