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Mobicel Cherry tablet
just went off and it doesnt want to come on even when i try to charge it

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Hi. There is a useful troubleshooting here http://satechhelp.co.za/3756/Tablet-Charge On the other hand, if the Mobicel Cherry is under one year old and you still have the warranty card/receipt, then you can take it via your retailer (e.g. Pep Store) to have booked with Mobicel for a free in-warranty service. Otherwise, they will charge you R500 (you still go via Pep Store).
I also have the same issue, I bought mine in december 2015, within a month of purchase one morning when I try to open it-it just went blank, then after 2 days it went on again,....it kept repeating the same thing may be after two weeks it will do it again, up until I was fed up, I took it back to the store they book it in for a repair, after four weeks they call me and they gave me a brand new one, with a letter stating that "they couldn't identify the problem and were sorry for incoviniance therefore they decided to give me another one"......I was very happy, Now wait a minute!! 3 weeks down the line the new one also does the same thing!! Just goes blank for two days and comes back again to normal, that is when I just accepted it as it is cos I had realised that its a mechanical failures from the factory,......Mobicel Cherry Tablet
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Did you manage to fix it at last?
asked Jan 30, 2017 in Mobicel Cherry Tablet by anonymous accesing batry terminals
asked Sep 22, 2018 in Mobicel Cherry Tablet by freez my mobicel cherry wont charge or turn

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