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soft brick on verssed motion E1.1

in Netsurfer
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the tablet had a privacy protection password, i searched over the internet on how to remove it then i came accros site, it talked about downloading a new firware was the only option, now when i first atempted to flash using Sp Tool it failed saying somthing about Broom erro, and i searched on the net about that error message and found an artcle saying that i should first formatt the tablet, i did formatted it using Sp Flash Tool but i did not formated the bootloader, then i flashed the firwae and it showed a success, when i plug the tablet on PC the Sp Tool decect it but when i plug the tablet on charger it wont show charging, im suspecting that it doesnt have a firmware installed, and again i cant boot intorecovery mode

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Hi. Thanks for the extra info. Yes it helps to know that it was formatted (and that excluding the bootloader). If you are able to boot into recovery, then firmware did install as 'Recovery' is one of the firmware partitions. Are you are to wipe data from the recovery mode -does it go through?
asked Mar 26, 2016 in Netsurfer by (Contributor) (3.9k points) verssed motion

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