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I got confused my self too when i found out the tablet which i though is verssed-motion-e1-1 was actually verssed-motione11 but both looks the same.

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You can not tell the difference between these two tablet models by observing their external physical makeup

  • Both tablets are written "Verssed motion E1.1 at the back cover.
  • Both are dual SIM.
  • Same screen display ( 7" XGZ 1024 x 600) TFT capacitive touch screen, 16M colours
  • Same performance (MTK6572-A7 1.0 Dual core processor).
  • Same camera requirements (Rear camera: 2MP, Front: 0,3MP).
  • Both batteries are 2400mAh.
The Difference
Model number Verssed Motion E1.1 MotionE11
Phone storage 4GB 1.1GB
Internal storage 1.3GB 1.0GB

The quickest way to tell the deferent is to go to Settings and scroll down to "about tablet" check what is written under Model number, either it is MotionE11 or Verssed Motion E1.1. The biggest problem here is that those who have "MotionE11" tend to think they have "Verssed Motion E1.1" and I'm one of them (lol). The danger of mistaking one for the other is mainly when flashing ROMs as they are therefore not cross compatible!

asked Mar 29, 2016 in Verssed Motion E1.1 by Genius (55,121,340 points) Verssed Motion E1.1 user review.

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