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How do I disable voice mail on smart kicka?

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Call '1210' from your phone (free call) to stop calls being diverted to Voicemail when your phone isn’t answered, is unreachable or engaged. With Voicemail now off, calls will divert to Call Catcher instead. If you'd like to turn that off too, call ‘121600’ (free call) and select option ‘2’. If all your incoming calls go straight to Voicemail without your phone ringing, dial '1213' instead, which will remove an all call diversion to Voicemail. If you want to switch Voicemail back on later, dial '1211.

Method 2.

  1. Open your phone dialler.
  2. Touch the action button bottom left of your phone screen.
  3. Choose "Settings".
  4. Touch "Voice Call".
  5. Touch "Voicemail".
  6. Touch "Setup".
  7. Touch "Voicemail number", clear the phone number (live it blank) and touch ok.
  8. Go back to Call settings.
  9. Touch "Call forwarding" here you can manage call forwarding.

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asked Jan 29, 2016 by Mike Roman
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