Welcome SA Tech Help.
SA Tech Q&A is a Partnership that was entered into in 2014 by Thom and Kervin. Primarily devised to fill an identified gap of a simple and one-stop online Question & Answer site on the South African internet. A Q&A site intended to offer free real-time support for virtually all home-based technology products marketed and used within the country - See exceptions . This follows an evident lake of free and real time service and tech support support for purchased technology products by their respective manufacturers unless one can prove that it is still covered by their limited warranty. These end-user gizmos including but not limited to consumer-electronics, automotive, home & garden tools, network service providers, online shopping, internet banking, workman tools and so forth. Internet users therefor can visit www.satechhelp.co.za to ask virtually any question in any of the above listed categories to receive free real time and quality support from the comfort of their own homes. Be of good comfort, the individuals behind SA Tech Q&A Partnership have a decent background on conducting any necessary research on any of the above mentioned fields to furnish you with quality answers as fast as you would wish to receive it.

We generate revenue through Google Adsense and thus the service is indeed 100% free. And lastly, some of our staff members have been offering online tech support for years and thus are commended to live up to your usefulness and expectation. Test yet another one of South Africa's virtuous innovations!

UPDATES: An agreement was recently reached whereby Thom Maphanga will assume full control and ownership over this main site (including its revenues and activitied) while Kervin Mathumbu takes up one of its subdomains, https://saroms.co.za/ (including all its responsibilities and revenues). All of which is to be effective from the 23rd of August 2016
SA Tech Help Q2A, where you can ask any question and receive answers from other members of the community'. SA Tech Help Q&A was created to be a free resource linking people with tech questions to experts who could provide answers. Since our launch in 2014, we have grown from a simple Q&A web site to providing additional help such as loans,roms, pricing information and more. All is completely free of charge. ... Do also NOTE that this website is a third party not directly affiliated with any company for which we offer support. If you not satisfied with the provided answer to your question' please use the reply/comment button below the answer section to request further assistance' You might want to add more info to support your question if necessary.