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We offer software reloading to both smart phones, tablets and selected feature phone with: 1. Corrupted firmware (freezing or hanging on the logo or malfunctions during use - or if infected by virus, malware or adware), 2. Bypassing Privacy Protection Password 3. Bypassing Google Account and Lock codes. From as little as R100. Please Whatsapp this number: +27659609200 or email: thom@satechhelp.co.za If you have access to a computer with internet, we can reload the software for you remotely. Payment should be made prior to the software rework.

NB. Please go through the below requirements

  • You need to be willing to pay the service fee into an account we provide
  • You need to have access to a computer
  • Your computer need to have access to the internet for remote connection and download of necessary files
  • Payment to be made before hand
  • For assistance with resetting lost or forgotten locks, we will need you to provide us with the device's IMEI as well
If you meet the above terms, then please Contact Us to book a remote flashing. Please include the model of your your phone and the reason for flashing need. We can also provide you with our Whatsapp number if you can access that from another phone.


If you do not have access to a computer, we could send our courier to come and collect the phone/tablet from you at an extra fee - we then reload the software and send it back to you. We will need the shipping fee of about R150 paid in as a down payment. If you are OK with the above, then please Contact Us to book a service-center based flashing. Please include the model of your phone and the reason for flashing need.

Some of the supported phone models are theforegoing

  1. AG Zoom
  2. AG Rage
  3. Sonotec S7200
  4. Mobicel Solo
  5. Mobicel Cherry 1 SIM
  6. Mobicel Cherry 2 SIM
  7. Hisense U601
  8. ZTE Grand x2
  9. Alcatel OT Pixi 2
  10. Mobicel M1000
  11. AG Chrome Selfie
  12. AG Chacer
  13. AG Chacer Custom Recovery
  14. ZTE Blade L2 1 SIM
  15. Telefunken Telc-73GIQ
  16. Sansui Etab M7023G VP (Board ID v20)
  17. Fondi T725B
  18. ZTE Switch X2
  19. Mobicel Hero X (P6122)
  20. Mobicel Hero X (P9122)
  21. Mobicel METRO
  22. Mobicel Omega X (P7800Q)
  23. Mobicel Hero X (P6122) MT6582 and CPU MT8312
  24. ZTE Maxx
  25. Sinotec M735
  26. AG Chrome Vibe
  27. Vodacom Power Tab 10
  28. Vodafone Smart Grand VF696
  29. Mobicel Metro 2
  30. Ag Chrome Ultra
  31. AG Boost
  32. VF695 Smart First 6
  33. Mobicel Matrix
  34. Netsurfer FMT-NM7116-01
  35. Netsurfer FMT-NM7058-03
  36. Mobicel Retro
  37. Mobicel Vivo
  38. Mobicel Onyx
  39. Vodafone Smart Kicka VF685
  40. Verssed Motion E1.1(both E1.1 and E11 hardware)
  41. Vodafone Smart Tab 3G
  42. AG Chrome Go Tab 7
  43. ZTE Switch X1
  44. DUNNS Mobile RD251
  45. Mobicel Ace
  46. AG Go-Tab Access
  47. Mobicel METRO
  48. Netsurfer FMT-NM7054-01
  49. Netsurfer Dual Slim (FMT-NT7A42-01)
  50. ZTE V790
  51. +4 Smart Touch
  52. AG Chrome Swift
  53. Fondi T708B
  54. Mobicel Sonic
  55. ZTE Blade C310
  56. Mobicel Candy
  57. Mobicel Omega X
  58. Mobicel PURE
  59. Mobicel Trendy
  60. Hurricane FREEDOM
  61. Haus JS-T700
  62. Mint M7 Sapphire 7"
  63. Mobicel Samba
  64. Mobicel Rainbow
  65. Volkano A730
  66. AG Chrome Plus
  67. Fondi T702
  68. +4 Q-Touch (With Qwerty keyboard)
  69. AG Ghost
  70. Mobicel Echo 10.1" tab
  71. Dixon W460Q
  72. Telefunken Telc-73GI
  73. AG Swift Plus
  74. MTN Steppa 2 5982C3
  75. AG Style
  76. Astrum TAB 7.0 3G PRO
  77. Vodafone Smart Tab 2 3G (VDF1100)
  78. MTN Steppa 2 LTE
  79. SANSUI ETAB S7042G
  80. Mobicel Plum Tablet
  81. AG Zenith
  82. AG Glow
  83. Verssed Platinum VP.1
  84. MobiWire Halona
  85. Huawei Ascend Y220-U00
  86. DUNNS AT1001
  87. Proline SV-701
  88. HomeChoice HCAT 01PA
  89. Citrus Essence Tablet
  90. Vodafone Smart Grand (VF696) TWRP custom recovery
  91. MECER 800P31C with MT6582 chipsets
  92. Mobicel Shift
  93. Dunns Mobile 703GDC
  94. Blaupunkt ETAB M7023G
  95. Prestigio MultiPad PMT3037/PMT3038 3G
  96. Mobicel venus
  97. Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini J105f root file (TWRP recovery)
  98. Vodafone Smart Mini 7 (VDF300)
  99. AG Ultra 2
  100. AG Hashtag
  101. Hisense HS-U602
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