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    Hard reset - the act of erasing all user-added data and undo all modifications so that the device's ROM's state and configurations are left as they...

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    Permanent software programmed into a read-only memory also refer to as a ROM used in most electronic and gadgets.

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    South African Social Services Agency responsible for facilitating the distribution of social grant to qualifying beneficiaries.

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    Factory reset - the act of reversing or undoing all configurations and modifications of a device's ROM or software with the aim of restoring them to...

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    ROM stands for Read-Only Memory also referred to as firmware.

  • Forgot Password refers to lost authentication alpha/numeric password used to access protected data on a device or on the web

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    Mobicelā„¢ is one of the largest importers and dealers of affordable, feature packed phones in South Africa

  • Privacy Protection Password (PPP) is a very secure security setting called "ANTI-THEFT MOBILE" which enables the owner to lock his/her phone/tablet...

  • Specifications refers to special functionality features a particular product has. For example, the screen size, cpu or storage size of a phone

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    Features refers to functionality abilities a certain product model is equipped with.

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    Android is the world's most used mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel. It is currently developed by Google. Android is designed...

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    Specs is a short word to say specifications or features of a product

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    Pattern lock involves locking an Android device to restrict access from unauthorized users by drawing and saving a special and secrete pattern on the...

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    AG Mobile is a leading provider of cost effective mobile cellphone devices mainly in South Africa and Nigeria.

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    Screen Lock is an Android security lock feature that locks the touchscreen's main menu behind a pattern, pin or password to prevent unauthorized...

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    Government financial aid granted to war veterans, disabled, aged and needy citizens of South Africa through the South African Social Security Agency...

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    Reset refer to restoring configurations to factory default presets to be reconfigured again

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    A Zazoo Limited (formally known as Net1 Mobile Solutions)'s airtime marketting scheme targeting SASSA benefiaries who are thereby allowed to buy...

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    Whatsapp is a cheap cross-platform messaging service that allows sending and receiving text messages, images, videos & audios and voice-calls using...

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    A general-purpose computer contained in a touchscreen flat panel running on either Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry operating system.

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    Moneyline (PTY) LTD is Net1's subsidiary that offers short term loans to SASSA social grant beneficiaries.

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    Download refers to transferring (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a distant to a local computer storage or partition, from a larger to a...

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    SASSA Loan refers to a loan available to exclusively to South African Social Security Agency social grant beneficiaries.

  • A 7 inch Vodafone Tablet with 3G connection speed, Android Kit Kat and 4GB of internal storage introduced in South Africa by Vodacom RSA in 2015....

  • TheĀ personal identification number (PIN) used to gain access to data and app protected by the Vodafone Protect App - powered Mcafee.

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    Vodafone Smart Kicka also known as the Vodafone VF685 is an entry level device launched by Vodacom in 2015 potential to rub off the footprint of the...

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  • A Google account gives you access to a number of services offered by the giant Google. It gives access to the well know Gmail email...

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  • Android freeze refers to a hung or unresponsive state of an Android powered device during the boot stage or usage

  • An AG Mobile entry level dual SIM device running Android v4.4 (aka Kit-Kat) - it comes with a 1GHz dual core CPU but offers no 3G speed.

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    Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged...

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    An Android pattern is a screen security lock measure whereby an authorized user has to draw a pattern that matches the one entered during the screen...

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    Time allowence for a voice/video call, sms or data transmission over a prepaired wireless service provider network

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    Mobicel Vivo is a 5.0 inch Android Lollipop 5.1 powered smartphone by Mobicell.

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